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Dr Rumeena Bhalla (BSc, MBChB, MA, PCC) 
Certified Coach,Physician, Filmmaker

I am an International Coaching Federation certified coach serving executive and personal clients who want to live creative, meaningful and balanced lives. I run my coaching practice at Sequin Life and also serve as an executive leadership coach at Seattle Children's Hospital, Footlamp Consulting, Torch, Boon Health and BetterUp. 

I am a UK qualified physician, based in Seattle, USA, with 15 years' experience in coaching, mentoring and health education. I began my career in Emergency Medicine, and discovered a deep interest in health promotion and disease prevention. I also love to be creative. In 2003 I undertook an MA in Film and TV Production and set up my first business making Bollywood style health education comedies. 

Over the past 15 years I have developed a portfolio career: I have been a doctor, teacher, health educator, small business owner, film maker, parent, CEO of a non-profit, mentor and coach.  I have also moved continent three times with a young family. I have reinvented myself many times and have learned to listen to my intuition about what should come next. 

Why be coached by me?

As an expert in leadership, promotion, health, career change, leadership, relocation, rediscovering creativity, and as a parent, I have a lot to offer as a coach. Sequin Life is a place for my clients to find out what makes them sparkle.


As your coach I will work with you to figure out your values, set goals and move you towards real changes in your life. Whether you want to figure out how to lead your team, get better health, to better understand your life as a parent, bring creativity into your life, change your job, start a business, achieve work life balance - whatever you choose to work on - Sequin Life could help you take your first positive steps. 


If you think you could benefit from coaching please get in touch to set up a FREE 30 minute discovery call.  

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