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Coaching for Professionals with Dr Rumeena Bhalla

Professional Certified Coach

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I am an ICF accredited coach, film maker and physician, based in Seattle, USA, with more than 10 years' experience in coaching, mentoring and  health education.

Originally from the UK, I am an expert in leadership, promotion, work/life balance, career change, relocation, health and discovering creativity. I follow a values based approach to coaching: knowing your values and aspirations can lead you to an intentional, fulfilling and enjoyable professional and personal life. 


What do you want from life?

  • ​Are you looking for a new challenge?

  • Dream of starting your own business?

  • Better work/life balance?

  • Do you have an unfulfilled passion?

  • Do you wish for better health

Start leading a more intentional and fulfilling life...

Do you want to enhance you leadership and mentoring?

  • What type of leader do you want to be?

  • How can you bring your values to your leadership?

  • How can you develop executive presence?

Enjoy becoming an effective leader... 

Are you a physician looking for coaching?

  • Are you feeling burnout?

  • Are you overworked and undervalued?

  • DO you wish for better work-life balance?

  • Are you a leader but faking it 'til you make it?

Rediscover the joy in your work, lead from a place of knowledge and disconnect and enjoy your time off...

If you think you could benefit from coaching please get in touch to set up a FREE 30 minute discovery call.  

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