Portfolio Paragraph

The Sequin Life portfolio includes a wide range of health education tools, seminars, advisory work, and lifestyle mentoring. Our health education tools include a range of innovative DVDs produced in collaboration with Pink Sequin Productions.

We specialise in producing entertaining, educational comedies and dramas. Below are some of our most popular titles.

To order copies of our films please visit the contact us page.

Dil ki Baatein

Dil ki Baatein (Matters of the Heart). A Bollywood style comedy to raise awareness of heart disease in the South Asian community.

Language(s): English
Runnning Time: 25m2s
Winner: BUPA Foundation Communication Award
Shortlisted: Tongues on Fire film festival short film competition
Meethi Baatein

Meethi Baatein (Sweet Nothings). A Bollywood style comedy about the risk of Diabetes in the South Asian community.

Language(s): English, Hindi
Runnning Time: 19m12s
Ramazan ki ek Raat

Ramazan ki ek Raat (One Ramadan Night). An Urdu drama about fasting safely during Ramadan with diabetes - PLUS a tutorial for health professionals.

Language(s): English, Urdu
Runnning Time: 17m40s (Film)
Bowel Cancer Screening

Bowel Cancer Screening - Your Test at Home: A film to explain the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme

Language(s): English, Hindi
Runnning Time: 15m15s